6 essential Nutrients Everyone Needs to Stay Healthy

When it comes right down to it there are certain things that everyone needs in order to be healthy. Most of the time people are lacking in at least one of the essential nutrients because they don’t eat right, or are trying to lose weight so they aren’t eating enough, or because they just plain don’t like fruits and vegetables or other foods that provide these nutrients. Whether you get them in a vitamin or a supplement or get them from food these are the six nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly:

1. Vitamins
Vitamins are the fuel that your body uses to create new tissue, new cells, and to keep all the systems in the body running properly. Without vitamins you can’t survive. Vitamins are essential for life and good

2. Minerals
Minerals often need to be taken as supplements because modern diets don’t give people the traceminerals that their bodies need in order to function properly anymore. Minerals are what helps your body digest food and keep your metabolism running properly. Without the right minerals you won’t be able to process food effectively in order to get the vitamins that the body needs.

3. Amino Acids
Amino acids are essential because the body uses them to produce hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals that help maintain the body’s delicate chemical balance. Lack of amino acids can lead to severe imbalances that can cause a lot of unpleasant conditions.

4. Fat
Even though fat is vilified as the source of obesity human beings need fat in their diets. Fat is stored in the body for energy. Fat also keeps the brain functioning well and helps protect the body from damage and temperature changes. There is evidence that eating ‘healthy fats’ can help manage chronic conditions like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. You shouldn’t go overboard when eating fat but you do need some fat to survive.

5. Protein
Protein is one of the key building blocks of the body. Protein is the main source of energy for the body. Protein also helps build muscle and it is essential to help the body repair damage and keep all the systems of the
body running efficiently.

6. Carbohydrates
Even though some weight loss plans promote the idea that you don’t need carbohydrates
your body does in fact need carbohydrates. Carbs give you energy, and without them you will soon find yourself unable to do even simple tasks. In order to have the energy that you need to get yourself out of bed each day and function in the world you need to eat at least a minimal amount of carbs everyday.

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