Commonly Prescribed Pain Management Medications

The most common route to relieve chronic pain for millions of patients are pain management medications. Chronic pain is difficult for patients since the symptoms often last for more than six months. It is possible for an individual to become weakened by the painful symptoms which hampers their abilities. Lacking adequate sleep as caused by chronic pain can eventually make people acquire other illness. The main concern behind pain management medications is the fact that they only alleviate pain,not provide treatment.

Usually, pain management conditions are taken by patients to relieve themselves from symptoms so that they can cope with daily activities. Read following descriptions about typical pain management medications:

1.Acetaminophen. Mild yet effective for common ailments like headache,tooth pain and even arthritis. Individuals who have liver conditions must not take this drug. This medicine can be bought over-the-counter. This drug must not be taken for more than 3 days. See a doctor if pain is not relieved by this drug.

2.NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). These medications are often administered for joint conditions like arthritis,tendonitis,bursitis among others. One disadvantage for such medications are adverse effects that result to gastrointestinal problems. Recently,newer strains of NSAIDS such as Celebrex are used since they cause less side-effects.

3.Corticosteroids. Inflammation responds better to these medicines than NSAIDS. Whether as an oral pill or injection, it brings good results. These drugs are not intended for long-term use due to adverse side-effects like muscle weakness,insomnia,mood changes ,weight gain etc. Corticosteroids have been lately packaged as spray-type or topical form

4.Narcotics. The last option when pain is unresponsive to other drugs. Narcotics are definitely effective since they sedate the patient and kill the pain. These medicines are considered restricted since patients can abuse them. Narcotics can be tolerated by users after a long period;hence, patients would require a higher dosage.

Today,drug companies are continuously researching to produce more pain management medications. They want to develop drugs that provide better pain control with less side-effects. New drugs seem promising but a doctor’s advice is always preferable. Take care of your health and avoid self-medications to prevent any harm.

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