Minimizing The Occurrence Of Sciatica Causes

From the five pairs of nerve roots created the longest nerve in the body which is the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve extends from the spinal cord to the buttocks and hips and then down back of the legs .

The discomfort begins when the signs of sciatica causes begins to show . Herniated or ruptured Discs counts as one of the sciatica causes. Each spinal disc has inner-gel like compositions and thick outer cartilage . When the center of these discs forces its way through the outer covering, it puts pressure on the spinal nerves . Along with the sensitivity of the nerves are the discomfort of pain, numbness, tingling, leg pain and weakness.

Sudden fall or accidents are also among the sciatica causes that brings ruptured or herniated discs . They can also flatten, dry up and weaken as you age which makes them more likely to rupture .

Another cause of sciatic pain is the stenosis of the Lumbar spine that is also one of the sciatica causes . Certain areas of your spinal canal are narrowing that protects the spinal cord . The structure of the spinal canal has been made with extra room to provide for the spinal cord nerves . The spinal cord and the spinal nerves gets pinches when the room in the canal started to narrow down. These sciatica causes bring pain, weakness and numbness of the legs, feet and buttocks .

When one vertebra moves to another vertebra, or Spondylosisthesis, it becomes one of the sciatica causes . This happen because of the disc degeneration between two vertebrae and compress the sciatic nerve in the end . Tumors that grow in spinal area of the body also results to pinched nerves and thus leading to sciatica as well.

Sciatica causes are diverse and the Doctor may not always be able to confirm a single cause . Regular checkups should be practiced as a precaution . It calls for prevention in heading into a large issue to deal with after. You should have a proper diet and observe proper body mechanics as well . If you look after yourself, other causes may be prevented aside from the anatomical basis of sciatica causes.

By Health Tips

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