HCG Drops Versus Injections

Because of obesity or sedentary lifestyles there people who worry about getting diseases like diabetes. There have always been people who try to look for solutions to their health problems such as milk-shakes, gym memberships, and even starvation. Hcg diets, which are based on hormones, have recently become popular amongst those looking for weight-loss. Those following this plan sustain a low-calorie diet and receives hcg injections to lose their fats. But because of their schedules some people find going to their doctors for injections to be inconvenient. There are people who do not like needles as well. On the upside, people who are afraid of needles can look to hcg drops.

Loading, stabilization and maintenance are the three phases in the hcg diet. The hcg drops should be taken during the three-week stabilization period. The hcg drops helps trigger weight loss by influencing the hypothalamus to let go of stored body fat. Hcg drops also gives the body its proper nourishment while under the three-week low-calorie diet. During the last three days of stabilization hcg drops are no longer needed to allow the maintenance phase to begin. Thereis no need for concern, hcg drops are synthetic hormones created inside of laboratories. The hcg drops are not made from human placenta.

The hcg drops are ideal for those who do not like receiving daily shots. Though it can be unpleasant during certain times one can perform self-injections. Thus you can choose to take hcg drops instead. Hcg drops also provide a painless alternative that does not produce the stinging sensation of a needle. Another positive is hcg drops cost less than the injections. Many clinics provide a $1500 6-week treatment for that is also uncomfortable for most people. Injections are almost two times as expensive as hcg drops. This is why hcg drops have a greater appeal amongst hcg dieters than hcg injections. Other alternatives to injections include transdermal gels and nasal sprays but just like injections they are costly.

Be sure to consult your doctor for any information about hcg dietary plans. You should also consult your doctor before starting any dietary plans with hcg.

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