What is Gastritis?

What is gastritis is an eternal question on many people’s minds because the condition manifests in a myriad of ways making it confusing not only to the patients but also the doctors. Whenever you feel some weird happening in relation to your digestive system, you will hear people commenting on it as such, “oh you may be having gastritis”. So what is gastritis, really?

The simplest form of explanation available for gastritis is that it is a condition in which you get an inflamed stomach. This goes without saying that, the white blood cells of your system has come in for a rescue of the inflammation and is working hard at making things work at the sight of the imbalance. However, inflammation is not the only condition that can answer the question, what is gastritis.

Irritations in the stomach can happen due to many things. Alcohol usage, eating something unhealthy or half cooked that becomes unable to get digested along the tract or some sort of bacterial infection that may hamper the digestive system’s sanity are a few ways to get gastritis triggered.

Other conditions such as chronic vomiting and stress can also trigger gastritis while certain medication that is given to make you feel better, such as anti-inflammatory medicines could also contribute to the cause.
As you can see, the condition has a variety of symptoms and a myriad of complications attached to it which makes it difficult for us to give a clear cut answer to the question, what is gastritis?

When you are suffering from a gastritis attack, you will usually feel nauseated, may experience chronic hiccups, and may lose appetite. The most common out of the symptoms are roaring sounds that come from the stomach, burning sensation, abdominal bloating and associated pain.

You may say that the above symptoms are not good indicators to the question what is gastritis, because there are so many reported ways of experiencing the condition. However, the plus side is, in gastritis, almost all these symptoms will be present. Other conditions that show these symptoms will not show all these attributes at once.
So now that you have a fairly good answer to the question what is gastritis? You may want to know what causes gastritis. In fact, knowing what is gastritis is not merely enough. It is the root causes that you should pay attention to. The most common root cause for the condition is not eating on time, infections or over use of medication.

By Health Tips

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