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If you are planning to have a great career in nursing, there is one place that you need to get entered yourself; nursing schools. Nursing schools are the entities that make the nursing professionals at different levels. Without nursing schools, our healthcare industry and the system could be in wrong hands. The nursing schools system makes enough nursing professionals for the nation at the moment, although these nursing professionals are not being distributed equally. Let’s have a look at getting in to a nursing school and the qualifications offered by the nursing schools.

First of all, there are five levels of qualifications offered by the nursing schools. The most basic one is the Diploma in Nursing. For this, the nursing students are trained to take care of the basic medical needs of a patient. Depending on the nursing school, the curriculum could be little different, but the standard of this diploma is common across the nation to make sure that all the basic level nurses meet the general healthcare expectations. If you are trying to start your nursing career, this is the most basic qualification that you should have.

The next qualification is Associate of Science in Nursing. This is the intermediate level qualification for a nursing professional and this is commonly called as an associate degree in Nursing. This course is higher than the diploma and just below than the first degree. When you are successfully through with the associate degree, then you can move onto Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is your first degree in Nursing and the solid qualification that everyone should be equipped with. Sometimes, you are expected to go under a one year compulsory training in a hospital just before or after the Bachelor’s. This requirement is different for the nursing schools but there will be a compulsory on the job training for all.

Once you are good with your Bachelor’s degree, you can pursue the higher studies further. After some work experience, you can start proceeding with your master’s degree. For these levels of education, you may be able to apply for scholarships as well. A master’s degree is one of the requirements when it comes to the administration functions of the nursing. Therefore, the nursing schools focus more on the administrative functions when it comes to master’s program. If you want to go further in nursing studies, what left is your PhD in Nursing. This is the highest academic qualification offered by the nursing schools.

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