Nurse Uniforms

Can you recall how nurses from the good old days looked like? The first thing that will probably pop in to your mind will be the pure white uniforms that looked neat and prim, with hair held at back with a nursing cap on the top. How very iconic. So where have all these nurse uniforms disappeared? When was the last time you saw nurses in white nurse uniforms? If such questions haven’t popped up in your mind, so far, read on to find out more about where have all nurse uniforms have gone.

The traditional nurse uniforms consisted of an apron, a cap and a dress. Those traditional nurse uniforms were accompanied by white shoes and white socks that crawled up half way through the knee. In essence, this attire was symbolic of hygiene and the purpose behind nurse uniforms was to allow easy identification.

So what happened to the tradition, easy identification and all that iconic symbolism of hygiene? Nowadays nurses will come in all color and shapes and weirdly enough with a uniform that looks as if they just walked in to the hospital in their pajamas. What’s the reason for this controversial change of nurse uniforms?

In order to answer that latter question, it is important that we take a look at the history of nurse uniforms. In the ancient times, it was nuns who took care of the sick. In commemoration of their great service to the needy, when nursing came out as a profession, a nun’s traditional dress was used as the predecessor to designing the traditional, white nurse uniforms. The elevated social status for a nurse also came within the utilization of those nurse uniforms, in addition to the regard they get from caring for the sick and the needy.

During the nineteen eighty’s, many country’s decided to redesign their nurse uniforms in order to provide better comfort and less restrain to nurses while they engaged in their job. So as a result, the pants and the top, as can be widely seen today were introduced.

As soon as the flowery, colored nurse uniforms came out in to the industry, many health sector institutions adopted to the change and welcomed it with open arms. Nurses loved it because it allowed them to be comfortable in clothing while they went on abut caring for patients. And with the introduction of latest nurse uniforms, nurses (especially females) hardly had to become conscious about looking good in a dress, so as to say. Therefore, they could focus more on the job at hand.

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