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Are you surprised to hear that nurse anesthetists are listed as the fifteenth best when it comes to the salary they take home? In a 2010 job survey, it was revealed that topping all other nursing professions and many other professions from various fields, nurse anesthetists came in the fifteenth place. So why is it that these professionals are paid a thundering salary? Let’s find out in a bit.

It is a well known fact that anesthetists get paid well although the only medical job in their hands seem quite simpler in comparison with other roles and responsibilities of health professionals such as heart surgeons and so on. The justification for nurse anesthetist having one of the highest paying jobs is that they report to anesthetists. Now isn’t that funny? Does not sound like a justification at all, now does it?

While much debate is on the calling for why nurse anesthetist and anesthetics themselves get paid so highly, it is the common understanding of us laymen that being given anesthesia in the past may have been one of the riskiest steps of surgical procedure. Therefore, the person who ensures the safety and health of the patient gets to take home the bigger chuck of money involved. So it looks like this seemingly justifiable cause that could be well reasoned out with the technological short falls we experienced in the past decades, have been taken for granted, up until today.

With the advancement of technology, the healthcare sector is now able to perform miracles when it comes to health related concerns. So, paying a thumping salary to nurse anesthetists or their counterpart doctors may not be a necessity of the hour.

While the situation remains at that, more and more nursing graduates are now considering taking a shift change to nurse anesthetist arena. Obviously so, if the industry is willing to pay them more for something that is marginally administered by a machine, with their constant guidance and support, why not pocket the money and walk home a happy lad?

So if you are thinking in the same line, all you got to do is graduate from an accredited college or nursing school, obtain state licensing as a registered nurse and then gain some experience and exposure in to the field. Once you feel competent enough, opt in for a master’s program in nurse anesthetist. You will be set for life, as far as money is concerned.

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