Making a Calorie Counter Chart

When recording your daily caloric intake, one practical tool that you can make use of is a calorie counter chart. A calorie counter chart is a simple tool that you can use to help you achieve your weight goals. This simplemethod can serve as your dependable guide on the amount of foods that you will consume and also the amount of time that you need to allocate on doing physical activities daily. Here are the steps on how you can create your own calorie counter chart.

What you need to do first is design your calorie counter chart. The chart should correspond to the current month. The number of columns must be equivalent to the number of days for the month. On the other hand, there needs to be three rows, one for calorie intake that you get from foods, another for calories used up during activities, and the last one for net calories. You should also indicate in the chart your current weight at the beginning of the month as well as your daily caloric expenditure. To know your daily caloric expenditure, you need to use a daily calorie counter that can be accessed using the internet.

Once you have completed your calorie counter chart, you need to fill it up everyday. Use a food calorie counter and an exercise calorie counter to find out your calorie intake from foods and the calories you have burned when engaging in a physical activity, respectively. Same as the daily calorie counter, you may look for them in the internet through a search engine. The numbers that you put in your chart must be the total for the day already, or in other words, you already have added the caloric values of all the foods you have ingested as well as the physical activities that you have engaged in that day. Meanwhile for the net calories, all you have to do is subtract the value of calories used up during exercise from the value of calorie intake from foods.

To make use of the calorie counter chart, just evaluate your daily caloric expenditure with your daily net calories. If you are trying to lose weight, you must maintain daily net calories that is 500-1,000 lower than your daily caloric expenditure. On the other hand, if you wish to gain weight, you need to have daily net calories that are 500-1,000 higher than your daily caloric expenditure. Finally, if your wish to just maintain your weight, then your daily net needs to be near your daily caloric expenditure.

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