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An overview of scabies in humans since the Middle Ages

The history of scabies as a disease could be traced as far as the biblical times. Actually, there have been accounts for scabies in humans going back to the Middle Ages where it was referred to as the itch. In 1687, Giovanni Cosimo Bonomo directly linked the cause of scabies to sarcoptic mites. In Europe, scabies had different names as given by the people. For the French it was gale and itch connoted that the term is English.The Old World was plagued by deadly and contagious conditions including scabies in humans that was widespread among the unfortunate peasants; yet, there were well-heeled members of society that suffered from the condition including Napoleon. Even before Bonomo pointed parasites as the main cause of scabies ,scabies in humans were already common but believed to have been caused by many other factors. Galen attributed it to melancholic juices while Avicenna correlated it to corrupt blood which really missed the main cause. Funny as it seems, scabies in humans were not taken seriously before as a medical condition.

Causes of scabies in humans

First of all, the mites are active creatures that create burrows into the skin which causes itchiness. As the mites go underneath the skin, the immune system reacts and produces an allergic response. Typical symptoms of scabies include itchiness, red rashes similar to pimples, and pencil like marks on the skin which are actually burrows. The intense itching and scratching can create wounds that can be infected and lead to other skin conditions. People can be infected by scabies commonly through direct skin contact or sharing clothing with infected people. Scabies is also classified as a sexually transmitted disease because it can be shared by intimate partners. Scabies in humans is different from scabies in pets which should be clear to all people because pets have different mites.

Finally, scabies in humans have different characteristics and the more people learn about the condition, their chances of keeping it at bay is better.

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