What are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

It is unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know the severity and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. People have a hard time diagnosing vitamin D deficiency because its symptoms are similar to a variety of muscular, gastrointestinal and autoimmune diseases. If left untreated, Vitamin D deficiency can be a serious health issue that one should confront in the future. If one thinks that the symptoms of Vitamin d deficiency are manifesting in the body, seek medical attention immediately.

A common symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is unusual pain. One may visit a neurologist and undergo a series of laboratory examinations. If all the results yield negative findings, then the underlying cause may be vitamin D deficiency.

A symptom of vitamin d deficiency is pain radiating from their bones. This may be attributed to osteoporosis brought about by lack of vitamin d for long periods of time. Additional symptoms may include bone fractures, lower back pain, and loss of height, neck pain and stooped posture.

A symptom that can distinguish Vitamin D deficiency is a change in normal behavior. They would experience mood swings, depression or both. They may deal with what experts called “winter blues.” Vitamin D deficiency can consider muscle weakness as one of its symptom. Such weakness comes with a general feeling of fatigue and low energy. Fatigue is different from being sleepy, because one just has a feeling of being tired instead of yearning for some shut-eye.

Sleep irregularities is also a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency and what’s bad about it is people don’t associate this symptom with lack of Vitamin D, hence they take it for granted.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms can also manifest in bone and muscle weakness. One would have a hard time rising from a chair, or climbing stairs or even walking. Osteomalacia for adults, rickets for children, both terms refer to softened bones. Since the arms and legs are not bowed, adults don’t realize that their bones have softened or are softening. Spotting vitamin d deficiency symptoms are very hard for people. It is important to take note of vitamin D intake so one can prevent vitamin d deficiency from developing.

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