The Pros and Cons of Liquid Vitamin D

A majority of the American population, around 40% takes multi vitamins or vitamin supplements. But little do they know that the body does not consume almost 95 percent of the nutrients in the supplement properly. This renders the pills and tables useless or ineffective when it comes to their purpose. It’s a good thing than another alternative is available, liquid vitamins. They are more efficient as compared to chewable vitamins.

These supplements such as liquid vitamin d are easier to consume than swallowing a large tablet with water. Another plus for liquid vitamin takers is the variety of flavors one can choose from to suit one’s distinguished palates. One asset of liquid vitamin d is that the body can easily absorb it into its system. If the supplement is in liquid form, a specific compound is broken down into its elements making it more absorbable for the body. The absorption rate of a tablet vitamin is 30% compared to the 90% absorption rate of liquid vitamin. Since the body consumes the liquid vitamin d adequately, the nutrients are also more effective. Plus, most liquid vitamins are highly concentrated compared to the tablet.As a result of this high concentration, the bio-activity of one’s body increases. A resulting effect will be the strengthening of the immune system.

One should take note that there are also disadvantages in taking liquid vitamin D. Absorption of liquid is not at all good for the body. This is because all liquids ingested to the body lose nutrients during the process of digestion. Now, in this situation the liquid vitamin d will also lose its nutrients even before it enters the intestine where the actual digestion of the vitamin occurs. Yet it is still efficient as compared to chewable supplements considering it is dispersed in the body through the blood stream.

The popular option is the liquid vitamin because of its potency and efficiency. Whatever vitamins the body requires, it is best to take it in liquid form.

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