How Osteoarthritis Cause Arthritis Knee Pain

Fairly recently,statistics about arthritis have been released by the U.S. showing that by 2030, one out of four Americans would suffer from arthritis. Truly ,this is worrisome since this means more people would be debilitated by arthritis knee pain. This also means that more people would become less productive since they have limited mobility. Moreover,more people would have an early retirement because arthritis knee pain prevents them from working.

One of the main cause of arthritis knee pain is no other than Osteoarthritis.Our knees have been subjected to normal wear and tear through years. Typically,knees have articular cartilage that smoothly flows within the joint which functions such as a shock absorber. On top of this, a synovial membrane produces fluid known as synovium helps protect the joints. Brought about by many factors, the articular cartilage can become thinner or wear out completely. The resulting condition is termed as osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that brings painful arthritis knee pain. Things can even get complicated as bones thicken and spurs develop. Arthritis knee pain in this case comes with swelling, inflammation stiffness of joints especially in the morning.

What causes osteoarthritis?

How arthritis knee pain develops in an individual is still a puzzle to some medical experts. Nevertheless, the following list includes possible causes of arthritis knee pain.

Past Injuries History of trauma to a particular joint elevates the associated risk osteoarthritis formation.

Heredity There are some people who inherit a faulty gene that should be responsible for building cartilage that makes them highly predisposed to osteoarthritis. Because of this, they are highly likely to suffer from arthritis knee pain.

Weight Typically, osteoarthritis is established in joints that bear weight like the knees and hip. A heavy person runs a higher risk of acquiring degenerative joint disease because of the additional load.

Overuse - Some people perform more walking, running or climbing because they are physically active. Individuals such as marathon runners can overstrain a joint after running for many years.

Crystal Deposits Food in high purine content can create uric acid crystals to accumulate in the joint resulting to osteoarthritis.

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