Scrupulosity- Religious OCD- What is it?

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can also be termed as anxiety disorder as it is the result of unwanted and uncontrolled repetitive emotions. As far as religion is concerned many people are very faithful and involved in the activities related to God. But there are certain individuals who get extra involved in religious beliefs thus it leads to compulsive behavior that is absolutely joyless. There are number of causes behind OCD such as Cognitive behavioral, biological and psychodynamic reasons. Scrupulosity- Religious OCD is a disorder that is caused due to some religious issue or moral guilt’s. A person suffering from Scrupulosity- Religious OCD mainly focuses upon religious and moral fears. This may includes fear of being a wicked person or fear from god if involved in any sin.

Scrupulosity- Religious OCD is a biological disorder based on several emotional consequences. There are few people who suffer from Scrupulosity- Religious OCD and it is genetic to a little extent. In Scrupulosity- Religious OCD a person starts thinking negatively on any sin and neglects the positive aspect of being religious. Almost every religion aims at making good human beings and there are few people who think that if they are not able to be good human beings they will be punished.

There are many treatments of OCD so is the treatment for Scrupulosity- Religious OCD. Such treatments include CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and medication. Some severe cases require immediate treatment that too accompanied by different techniques. The sufferer has to do self-assessment and has to understand the real causes behind scrupulosity. A psychologist can definitely help to realize the sufferer that this is not the right way to see life and one should always grasp the positive things in the atmosphere. By adopting effective treatments one can get rid of Scrupulosity- Religious OCD and get freedom from all barriers and can start experiencing a rich and faithful life.

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