Cognitive Behavior Therapy for OCD Patients

A combination of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and medication for the patients of OCD has been found to be beneficial. The cognitive behavior therapy is a form of therapy in which the patient has to recognize and challenge the thoughts which are irrational and then has to modify his behavior. It has been found to be an effective treatment. People suffering from the disorder have realized that around 60% to 80 % of the symptoms have been reduced after going through the cognitive behavior therapy. Patient participation is very much required for enjoying the benefits of the therapy. OCD patients are usually unwilling to undergo the cognitive behavior therapy. There are different kinds of cognitive behavior therapies and the most suitable form of it for the OCD patients is called exposure and response prevention.

The traditional talk therapy only improves the psychological condition by getting an insight into the problem which is beneficial at a later point when the patient has recovered to a certain extent.

The form of therapy involves the exposure of the patient to the images, thoughts and objects which make them anxious. The response prevention, as the name suggests, is to restrain from doing the ritualistic things which the patient does whenever faced with the anxiety creating situations. The success of the therapy is dependent on the commitment of the patient. There may be opposition to this form of therapy as the patient has to overcome the sky rocketing anxiety by shear will power. Over a period the anxiety starts to reduce. CBT patients learn to manage or handle their OCD problems for the rest of their lives and can lead a normal life.

The alarm system has been taken over by the disorder and sends false alarms often and jeopardizes the normal life of the person.

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