How to Deal With Bronchitis in Children

Children are normally frisky,active and love playing outdoors with their friends. They are fond of exploring the natural environment which makes them exposed to a lot allergens and pollutants. Moreover, children often dismiss the weather and would go out whether it’s sunny or rainy. For this reason, it is expected that colds and cough appear that can lead to bronchitis in children. The symptoms of bronchitis in children often manifest as runny nose, sore throats and slight fever. Suddenly, the child feels weak and complains of feeling cold most of the time. Sooner, children experience dry cough at the start since breathing becomes difficult due to clogged nose. Soon enough the cough eventually loosens and the lungs try to expel them. A wheezing sound is also an indication of possible bronchitis in children.

Parents should not get stressed because there are several over the counter medications that can be used in treating acute bronchitis in children. The purpose of most cough syrups is to dissolve the mucus and expel it. At the same time, some aspirin can help in bringing down fever and relieving minor headache that kids feel due to a clogged nose. In most cases, parents are very disturbed seeing their children sleepless or having difficulty in breathing due to bronchitis in children. When this happens, a humidifier or a vaporizer can help clear nasal passages effectively. The smell of eucalyptus is very soothing for those who have colds.

Parents should also keep in mind about bronchitis in children is that children must take lots of beverages like water or fruit juices. Bronchitis in children is one of the leading cause of missed school days. Sick children are often advised to take a rest so their bodies can recover although some would still prefer to play despite the symptoms. Other household members must always wash their hands since bronchitis in children can easily be spread. If the symptoms do not disappear after several days, medical attention should be immediately sought. It is most likely that bacterial infection is present ,then the doctor would prescribe antibiotics. Bronchitis in children can be treated as long as you follow the aforementioned tips.

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