Using Hypnosis Skin Picking

When using hypnosis skin picking, the patient who is suffering compulsive skin picking is treated with hypnotherapy. Compulsive skin picking affects 5% of the total population, or one out of twenty people may have this affliction. This is a repetitive behavior of biting, chewing, or picking the skin to the extent of destroying the skin and causing tissue damage. This condition may be detrimental to both children and adults as it can affect the different aspects of their lives.

Aside from the menacing fact that compulsive skin picking can cause permanent disfigurement of the body, this problem is detrimental because a sufferer is not aware that he or she is constantly picking the skin. They may think that they have been picking it for five minutes but in reality, they’re having a go at it for almost an hour already and in extreme cases, it may lead to bruising, bleeding and scarring.

Studies and Research have shown that anxiety, depression and stress are the major factors that trigger compulsive skin picking habits. These conditions trigger the sufferer’s urge to pick their skin. This is why the usual treatments that are suggested is in conjunction with those of psychological disorder like Obsessive Compulsive among others. Experts usually resort to CBT or Cognitive Behavior therapy that needs the use of medications like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Others prefer an alternative approach to dealing with this condition.

Therapists believe that there are more comprehensive and effective approaches to uncover the cause of skin picking through advance hypnotherapy methods. It focuses on the patient’s subconscious mind to find the answer, because this self-mutilating condition is often driven by a person’s subconscious urge.

If the patient starts to pick without him or her being aware of the situation, he or she has entered the hypnotic realm. They become focused and concentrated as they pick but they cannot control the trance state. It is a negative type of hypnosis skin picking. Hypnotherapy talks to the unconscious part of the brain and search for the emotional cause of the picking and let other forms of therapy deal with it. It can “re-program” the subconscious to select constructive habit and behavior over the destructive one, skin picking.

Once the subject becomes in control of his or her hypnotic ability, they can cure their condition and get other benefits from it.

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