Skin Picking Disorder and its Causes

Skin Picking Disorder is a compulsive urge to pick the skin in different parts of the body until that part is mutilated and obliterated. This is a disorder where a person picks their skin over and over, which is often bad enough to cause tissue damage. This disorder is also a cause of concern because it affects the day-to-day activities and social esteem of a person. Since this is a form of self-mutilation, the situation is very grave considering the one afflicted is not aware that what he or she is doing may lead to permanent tissue damage.

There are a lot of causes for skin picking disorder. Since psychiatrists classify this behavior as an impulse control disorder, it is probably caused by a combination of environmental and biological factors. Dermatillomania sufferers are known to possess symptoms of depression and anxiety. The exact root cause of this behavior is still a mystery.

What are the reasons why people with skin picking disorder continue their behaviors? Perhaps, people can elaborate as to why they keep on doing so. One is to soothe them when they are stressed. Many people feel a need for self-soothing and find ways to feel better when they pick skin. The nervous system is relieved and relaxed once skin picking is achieved. Another is for stimulation. If the person is idle or bored, chances are they would pick their skin to achieve stimulation. It can help them focus on their tasks, otherwise, they will be distracted.

Treatments for skin picking disorder. Even though more research is needed on treatments, some research suggests that CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy may help with this condition. It is a treatment where the old habits have to be replaced by new and constructive habits. Another form of therapy that can help is the ACT or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Researches also believe that toxicology can help in treating skin picking. Fluovamine, fluoxetine, and escitalopram are included in this kind of medications.

The treatments for skin picking are mentioned above. However due to ignorance and apathy, people still have no idea what are the effects of compulsive skin picking.

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