Prevent Skin Picking

A common affliction is skin-picking but this is the weirdest type among the list of disorders. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world suffer from dermatillomania. A person may have to review all aspects of his life if he or she has a skin picking disorder. It may cause a person to be detached from society and become a recluse in the house to avoid office, work and other social engagements. On the physical aspect, skin picking may lead to permanent disfigurement, and infection. Luckily, there are various treatments to stop skin picking. Skin-picking disorder can be controlled and stopped by following the treatments listed below.

• Figure out what is the cause that urges the person to pick his or her skin. Jot down or make notes of the situations that lead you to pick your skin. Take the case when a stressful situation arise and the person picks his or her skin, it is better to jot this down so next time one can avoid similar stressful situations to prevent picking.

• Learn how to control emotions and stress. Try to learn breathing techniques and exercises. One can combat stress and anxiety through meditation or inhalation of fresh air.

• It is also important to make sure the hands don’t remain idle. Due to boredom, skin pickers are unaware that they are already picking their skin. Try to utilize your hands for different activities such as knitting or holding stress balls. On the other hand, keeping your nails short will make it harder to pick your skin and it will help reduce the risk of skin picking infection.

• Talk to someone. Stay positive. Take Action. Asking and looking for help from a close friend or parents can give you the support and encouragement you need to become aware when you are unconsciously picking. Believing also in one self can bring miracles to address this issue. It ‘s time to take action against skin picking because this is the key to permanently stopping it. Once one can stop, then the next step is treatment for the disorder.

A long process of skin picking treatments may result to simple techniques to cope with the problem. Better consult a doctor if one has dermatillomania.

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