Healthy News For Coffee And Prostrate Health

Men from all over the world consider prostrate health important. Thanks to the effective public campaigns and health screening of men who are at least 50 years old. The prostrate is just a small sized gland located below the bladder but neglecting it could mean a lot of trouble for men later in life. Drinking or taking lots of fluids is one of the most effective medical advice by doctors to attain good prostrate health. It would be better to refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks which is why coffee and prostrate health seem not to mix well. Coffee has copious amounts of caffeine that can irritate the urinary tract thereby compounding the problem.

When a man has an enlarged prostrate, the most practical measure is take lots of fluids to flush out liquid out from the bladder. So when coffee and prostrate health issues are mixed, they just seem to contradict each other. However, this used to be the medical belief since caffeine dehydrates the body. Currently, there have been some research presenting positive relationship between coffee and prostrate health.

In a recent article on coffee and prostrate health, Sciencedaily reported in December 2009 that there was data revealing a strong inverse association between coffee consumption and the risk of lethal and advanced prostrate cancers. In fact, the data was presented to the American Association for Cancer Research Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Conference. However doctors need more updates and research before they really encourage patients to drink more coffee. The reason behind this according to a certain Dr. Wilson at Harvard Medical School cited that some factors such as glucose metabolism, insulin and sex hormone levels can be affected by coffee. The same biological factors play an important function in determining prostrate health: positively or otherwise. Therefore, coffee and prostrate health are not really a bad tandem at all. Moreover, the clinical study also showed that men who take coffee regularly are better off with good prostrate health than those who don't. The probability of coffee lovers to have prostrate cancer is decreased by as much as 60% which is very good news. Nevertheless, there are additional studies that has to be made to substantiate the claim but having a cup of coffee seems to be a good idea.

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