Signs of Allergy and Their Severity

Having allergies is one of the inconvenient ailments that modern man has to cope with. Indeed, there are hundreds of allergy types that can trigger a bad allergy attack. These allergies can be: peanut allergy, cat allergy, bedding allergy, food allergy, plant allergy , bee sting allergy, latex allergy and several more. Airborne particles such as pollen, dander, dust mite or other substances do cause start an allergic reaction. Because of this it is very crucial to understand important signs of allergy so the doctor can properly identify which type of allergy one is suffering from. By doing so, the signs of allergy can lead the way to a more effective treatment of symptoms.

Allergy occurs when our own immune system that’s designed to ward off foreign particles or invaders to our body attacks us instead. As soon as this occurs, signs of allergy known as symptoms tells us that our body is reacting unfavorably towards some external stimuli. The following important signs of allergy are worth considering:

Mild allergy. An allergy can be considered mild when the signs include itchy watery red eyes and sneezing. A lot of typical allergies such as dust and dander when cleaning the house can cause allergy. It is highly likely that allergy attacks are caused by cats so once a person starts sneezing and itching when cats are near, this is known as cat allergy. Pollen can make a person sneeze as well as other airborne particles.

Moderate allergic reactions. Among signs of allergy in this category include itching and respiratory diffculties. There are some people who suddenly get itchy and develop rashes once they have consumed seafood , milk, soy, wheat , eggs , peanut and other types of food. Additional signs of allergy include edema, dermatitis and hives visible in some parts of the body.

Severe allergic reaction. According to webmd website, severe signs of allergy include abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, mental disorientation or dizziness which must be urgently brought to the doctor’s attention. Indications of severe signs of allergy can be fatal since constriction of air passageways could make breathing difficult. People who have shown such signs of allergy can go into anaphylaxis ( body shock) that can result to comatose. It is very important to familiarize oneself with severe signs of allergy since death is a possibility in allergic reactions.

Knowing important allergy signs do not only give information but can possibly help prevent dire consequences for you or your loved ones.

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