Learn More About Cat Allergy

Pet lovers all over the world enjoy the companionship provided by feline pets. These animals provide warmth and friendship to their owners all year-round. However, cat allergy is one unpleasant condition that can happen when cats are kept as pets. Cats are often hunting at night so they're active at night while they sleep in favorite spots during daytime.|. Unfortunately for some people just being near cats can produce an allergic reaction even for a short period of time.Cat allergy happens when people suffer from an allergic reaction produced by these feline companions. Truth is , cats have as much as 5 allergens released through their sebaceous glands and Fel d 4, found in their saliva.A person with cat allergy reacts to these allergens by showing symptoms such as red itchy eyes, coughing, itching, nasal congestion, rash, sneezing ,tightening of chest, swollen feet and hands and more. Some people are just too sensitive to cats even if the cats just passed by near them.

A smart way to prevent cat allergy is to simply keep other pets aside from cats. A way to lessen incidence of cat allergy would be to wash hands after touching a cat. Avoid holding or touching cat’s eyes or mouth as much as possible .The home can be conducive to enhancing cat allergy incidence especially if there are carpets, rugs and draperies that trap cat dander. Vacuuming and buying an air filter that has HEPA or avoid use of heavy fabrics or drapes inside the house.It is also better for cats not to enter the bedroom or other rooms where they can hang around for hours. Another smart way to reduce cat allergy would be to groom your cats and provide them quality cat food so their coat is clean and dander-free. A well-groomed cat is not just healthy and clean, incidence of cat allergy is also reduced.

Cat allergy can also be managed by humans by taking antihistamines once an allergic reaction is triggered. Also, cat owners can have shots known as immunotherapy which can prevent cat allergy for good. A practical approach in keeping pet cats is to only keep short-haired cats so less hair and dander is produced in the air. Taking care of cats as pets is not really a problem even if humans have cat allergy. The crucial thing is understanding how to manage prevention and control so cat allergy is tolerable.

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