Men’s Health: Lower Stomach Pain

There’s a number of causes stomach pain in men, it includes infectious diseases, chronic diseases and digestive disorders. It is hard to diagnose abdominal pain unless accompanied by other symptoms. If the stomachache worsen or does not improve immediately seek medical treatment.

Here are some reasons for stomach pain to help you determine the exact causes:

If you are suffering from lower abdominal pain that begins around your belly button and migrates to the lower right quadrant and is accompanied by swelling, fever, nausea, it is considered Appendicitis. Unless proven otherwise, appendicitis pain does not usually go away and may get even worse with walking, movement, or coughing. Call your doctor at once if you have these symptoms because appendicitis will require treatment.

Seminal vesiculitis causes stomach pain in men. It is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles and is often caused by inflamed prostate or prostatitis.

Ulcerative Colitis. Lower abdominal pain accompanied by bloddy diarrhea, skin rashes, joint pain, mouth sores and weight loss is indicative of ulcerative colitis. It is an inflammatory bowel disorder.

Kidney stones. It usually causes no problem or symptoms even with its presence. If a kidney stone becomes a problem, stomach pain in men often radiates in the back or side area or lower abdomen. Symptoms like nausea, intense sharp cramping and blood in the urine may also be present if there is a kidney stone problem. If experiencing fever and chills contact your doctor immediately.

Cystitis. An inflammation of the bladder often caused by urinary tract infection. Symptoms include lower abdominal pain and painful urination.

Another cause of abdominal pain is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Alternating constipation and diarrhea, lower abdominal pain, and flatulence may signal IBS. Make sure to keep a log of all your symptoms to help your practitioner with the diagnosis.

Every description of the symptoms given above will definitely help you in determining what kind of stomach pain you are experiencing. However, in all cases, you should contact you doctor or health care provider especially if there are repeated episodes of lower stomach pain. Medical professionals will basically depend on the finding of your physical examination, it is better to lay down all your symptoms to help then make a correct evaluation.

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