Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?- A Self-diagnosis

Is there a time when you asked yourself this question: do I have bipolar disorder? Most of us do not have a degree in psychiatry but it is definitely possible for us to diagnose ourselves with the condition by assessing our symptoms. But you must be well aware that a self-diagnosis should never be a substitute for a professional diagnosis but it can definitely aid us in deciding whether its time to go visit a psychiatrist or not. To help you answer your question “do I have a bipolar disorder?”, here are some guidelines.

In having a bipolar disorder there are three preconditions. These are the classic signs of the condition. if you have encountered the aforementioned symptoms at one point in your life, then you should already have a hint that the answer to the "do i have bipolar disorder?" question is most definitely yes.

The first indicator to know the answer to the “do I have bipolar disorder” question is 2 weeks of clinical depression. One must not mistaken it to an ordinary feeling of depression but rather consider it to be a serious psychiatric condition. A clinical depression is experienced when the person cannot function normally due to feelings of loneliness and despair. It also includes symptoms such as weight change due to loss of appetite, lost of interest in things that were previously enjoyed, difficulty in sleeping, suicidal thoughts, inability to focus, an low activity levels.

Mood cycles is the second sign that will indicate the answer to the question "do i have bipolar disorder?” While many people ordinary experiences change of mood at any given day, those who have bipolar disorder have a more complicated mood cycles because when it is combined with the other two main indicators of the condition, it can produce such a huge effect on the lives of those affected by it.

Lastly, the symptom to help you know the answer the question "do i have bipolar disorder?" is if you feel unusually fidgety or strange at times of ordinary happiness. The tricky part of it is that it concerns to the manic attribute of the condition. Almost everyone, yes, including you, can easily misinterpret such characteristic is a part of your personality when it is already a symptom of bipolar disorder. Some symptoms like feelings of heightened senses and emotions, being irritable and impatient with people, being excessively creative with so much ideas and plans, taking a lot of goal-oriented tasks, and unusually increased feelings of confidence are also indications of manic dimension of bipolar disorder.

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