A Deeper Understanding On The Characteristics Of Bipolar Disorder

The manic-depressive psychiatric condition of bipolar disorder is one of its main characteristics. People who have this condition have sudden extreme mood shifts, being very ecstatic at one moment and then just unexpectedly becoming depressed without warning. The sudden changes affects the energy level and as a result so does the level of activity. It may be difficult for people with bipolar disorder to fulfill their everyday tasks as this is a debilitating condition. This article will discuss some more bipolar disorder's characteristics.

People who have bipolar disorder experience two distinct mood episodes. Manic episodes are often experienced when one becomes too joyous and active, while depressive episode is a moment of unapparent sadness and loneliness. Bipolar disorder's mood swings are way different from the normal mood swings that are experienced by those who don't have it. There are even times when an episode have a combined symptoms from both mania and depression and is called a mixed state.

Talking very quickly, getting distracted easily, being restless, decreased sleeping time, impulsive and high-risk behavior, having an exaggerated belief in one’s own abilities, and preference of taking goal-oriented activities are most of the characteristics of a person suffering from manic episode of bipolar disorder. On the other hand, when in a depressive episode, the person with bipolar disorder are often lethargic, could not focus on a task, is often worrisome, lacks interest in activities that are usually enjoyed, and have thoughts of death and suicide.

Because of such unstable emotions, this can severely affect the various activities of a person. Sudden changes in activity, sleep, behavior and energy are manifestations of the characteristics of bipolar disorder. And thus, the consequence is the person cannot cope properly at school, work or even at home.

A bipolar person can experience difference characteristics of its symptom, either he or she goes through a long bout of emotional instability or immediate manic depression episodes. A bipolar person can be experiencing an episode if he or she is manifesting manic or depressive symptoms every day for two weeks.

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