Back and Stomach Pain

Symptoms of back pain are usually accompanied by abdominal pain symptoms. Almost 75% of patients with unresolved back pain have a history of intestinal problems. No one ever wants to go through experiencing the unbearable combination of back and stomach pain. More often than not, you may feel back pain from a strained muscle in the area, what we do not know is it can also be caused by a slipped disc. This is easily diagnosed through an x-ray and your doctor can administer treatment at once.

Another type of back pain is a discomfort coming from the lower part of the back going to the hip area. It often occurs from lifting something too heavy or overdoing exercise routines that pulled or strained your muscle. This can easily be remedied by home treatment options. If your back and stomach pain did not respond to it, its best to seek help from a professional because it may be caused by something else other than muscle pain.
Back and stomach pain are commonly caused by:

Infections such as urinary tract infection, earaches, sore throats, flu and pneumonia.
Appendicitis, diverculitis, gallstones or liver failure may be a cause of back and stomach pain.
Kidney stones can also be causing pain in stomach and back regions.
Spoiled food that leads to food poisoning.
Nervousness or anxiety
Acid reflux, nerve damage and other digestion problems.
PIPS or psychologically induced pain syndrome is often the culprit to chronic stomach and intestinal pain.
Some back and abdominal pain are treated with:
The simplest treatment of all time, water treatment, drink at least eight glasses a day.
Surgery. In most cases of back and stomach pain you will have to undergo surgery.
A combination of daily exercise routines and a high-fiber diet.

To prevent it do:

Regular exercise.
Eat fruits, vegetables and beans for a high-fiber diet.
Avoid smoking
Avoid eating spoiled food
If the condition becomes very serious and does not show improvement even with doing this advice, see your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis. If your back and stomach pain is severe and unrelenting call for help at once.

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