What is a Nonpurging Bulimia?

Nonpurging bulimia is another form of bulimia that does not involve the usual purging scenarios of forced vomiting. You think that because you don’t see any evidence of purging or vomiting, the individual does not suffer from bulimia, you have to think again. Bulimics have other ways of getting off the food they ate of their system and that is through excessive exercise, a nonpurging bulimia method.

Nonpurging bulimia is often common to teenagers and men. This is often in relation to teenagers and some men too much concerned about the size and shape of their body. Now this individuals will start out by eating a lot and then when the feeling of guilt for eating too much starts to kick in, they will engage themselves in too much physical activity, and the most common of all is excessive exercising.

When an individual has finished binge eating, they will feel ashamed and start engaging themselves on a variety of activities just to get rid of the food they have just consumed. Most of the time, theses sufferers induce vomiting, ingesting diuretic beverages or laxatives. But nonpurging bulimia involves activities such as excessive fasting or excessive exercise.

Men and teenagers exercise so as to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, some of them make use it as a method of getting rid of the food they have eaten. Thus they turn to excessive exercising so as to do just that. People who exercise excessively have a hard time doing other tasks all throughout the day since they are either too engaged in their exercise regimen, or they are simply too tired due to the excessive exercise bout they just went through. Individuals who are suffering from nonpurging bulimia are oftentimes observed to have been exercising at the most inappropriate times, some right after eating. They refuse to stop exercising even after they have suffered from some type of injury.

What makes this nonpurging bulimia sufferer more prone to health dangers is that they never experience any decrease in their weight, thus they will continuously engage in heavy and excessive exercise.

Like the regular, purging bulimia, nonpurging bulimia sufferers have low self esteem, may be suffering from depression, and they have other mood disorders. There are a lot of factors as to what can trigger a nonpurging bulimia disorder, but all of which point out to their self confidence and how they perceive themselves.

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