Signs of Bulimia You Should Watch Out For

Bulimics are good at hiding their condition to people who are even close to them. They employ a variety of methods to make it appear that there is no problem when in fact they are abusing food. Here are some signs of bulimia that you need to watch out for so that you can approach that person and offer your help especially if that person is close to you.

Signs of bulimia you can look out for include teeth marks on the knuckles, most often involving the dominant hand. It is caused by injury from the teeth as a finger is inserted down a bulimic's throat to trigger a vomiting reflex. If the marks look like indentations from the teeth, then you are sure that is a sign of bulimia.

Another sign of bulimia is bloodshot eyes. Blood vessels in the eyes often burst during vomiting; this can also lead to re blotches on the face for long term for long term bulimics. Red blotches can last longer than bloodshot eyes but are more obvious after a vomiting scenario.

Watch out for individuals who are constantly disappearing after a meal. If they are running the water and flushing the toilet repeatedly then they may be trying to cover up the noise of vomiting. Although this is not the only place that they hide to vomit, as they can do that at other places like their own room in a plastic bag.

You need to be aware as well that signs of bulimia and bulimia itself can affect both sexes and people of all ages.. It is not a condition solely found on teenage girls, but they are also found on adults who want to feel better after a heavy drinking session so that they can feel much better.

Look for any evidence of vomit in the bathroom. Bulimics try to be as careful as possible after a purging session. But they won’t be able to attend to small details such dried a vomit on walls, floors, and basins. By paying attention to signs of bulimia you can now identify the problem and approach them to in order to help resolve their problem.

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