Relationship Between Bulimia and Pregnancy

Bulimia and pregnancy coming together is not a negative thing always contrary to what many people believe. In fact bulimic women who become pregnant actually improve their condition. Bulimic pregnant women give so much concern for their baby that they tend to care more for themselves and thus gradually eradicate the eating disorder that they have. Also due to the fact that pregnant women are faced with the pressure of caring for themselves and the baby the right way, they are expected to look beautiful and healthy most especially when they are pregnant. As everyone else expects that a pregnant woman should not be thin.

Studies have revealed that bulimia and pregnancy cancel out one another on a neurological level specifically in a woman’s mood and appetite. Pregnant women develop hormones that regulate their appetite and mood, thus returning them to their eating habits before they became bulimic.

Bulimia and pregnancy is a very unsound kind of agreement. Pregnancy is not even a solution in itself to bulimia. This is because women who are bulimic during pregnancy may be able to eliminate their bulimic tendencies during pregnancy, but because of the fact that bulimia takes years before one can conquer it, after the pregnancy women may revert back to their bulimic tendencies. Pregnant women often hit postpartum depressions which can lead to a return to their eating disorder.

There are dangers that accompany bulimia and pregnancy and they appear to be exponentially higher. For those women who are still under the eating disorder during pregnancy presents a danger to the fetus inside her. Bulimia prevents the fetus to acquire the nutrients that they need. Plus pregnant women are more prone to malnutrition and other dangers that revolve around bulimia. Thus bulimia and pregnancy more often than not present sever danger not only to themselves but to the baby that they carry.

When a woman encounters both bulimia and pregnancy, doctors rely heavily on counselling and observation to ensure that their bulimic tendencies are prevented and make sure its causes are eliminated. Bulimia and pregnancy reinforces a continuous cycle of guilt and shame that makes the condition a lot worse. If you are bulimic and pregnant, or you know someone close to you who is, be extra cautious and observant so that it is ensured that the mother and the child’s health are not at risk.

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