Bulimia Nervosa Causes that You Should Watch Out

Bulimia nervosa causes pretty much varies, but whatever its cause is, it is still a potentially life-threatening eating disorder. Individuals with bulimia nervosa may engage in binge eating and then purging. This is their way of trying to rid of the extra calories they gain from the large amount of food they have eaten, albeit in an unhealthy way. , What bulimics do is either induce vomiting through sticking their fingers into their throats, ingesting laxatives and diuretic beverages, or exercising excessively.

Because bulimia is related to self-image and not only about food, the exact cause of bulimia is unknown. Similar to other mental illnesses, there are a variety of factors that can lead to the root f cause of the eating disorder. Discussed below are the different bulimia nervosa causes that can influence an individual to go down the road of bulimia.

Biologically speaking, there may be genes that make some individuals more prone to developing eating disorders than other people. People who have first-degree relatives such as siblings or parents with an eating disorder are highly likely to develop bulimia too. There may also be lack of the brain chemical serotonin that leads to an individual’s bulimic tendencies.

Behavioral factors such as dieting or excessive exercising is considered as one of the bulimia nervosa causes available. Dieting leads to rigid rules about eating, and when the rules are broken, can lead to loss of control and overeating. Excessive exercising is a habit developed when an individual deems to himself or herself that he or she is has a lot of pounds to lose, when in fact there is none at all.

Emotional health is another variety of the bulimia nervosa causes. These individuals have low self esteem, tendencies of perfectionism, impulsive behavior, and anger management issues that can lead to binge eating then afterwards a feeling of guilt and shame which concludes in purging or bulimia..

Today’s society have encouraged and imprinted on teenagers especially on females that being thin is being beautiful. Anything other than that is ugly. Success is even at times being equated with being thin. Peer pressure is another bulimia nervosa cause as tthe sufferer is pressured into looking fit and healthier than they are currently.

If you notice a friend or a family member is being influenced by one of the abovementioned bulimia nervosa causes, then it will be much more easier for you to extend your help since you are able to identify the root cause of the sufferer’s problem. Although it may be late for you to prevent them from going down that road, it is never too late to offer your help and lead them a healthier mental and physical lifestyle.

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