Using Brain Games as Brain Training

With all the hype about brain training and how it can help improve our brain functions, it's understandable that companies would be rushing out to develop their own forms of brain training products. One example is in the many brain games that are now on the market.

Everywhere we look, we're seeing new brain games on the market. While some people rush out and buy the newest version, others feel they may be just a little too good to be true. Skeptics need to realize that, no; brain games are not going to turn you into an Albert Einstein or some other type of genius, but some brain games have proven to improve your memory skills and your fluid intelligence. Our brain functions can begin to slow down as early as age 30, but with the help of certain brain games, you can slow this process, especially if you use the right games.

Brain games for adults work in much the same way as children's learning games help them learn and remember. When children are little, they know very little of pictures, letters or numbers. However, parents begin the process with brain games like flash cards. They continue to show the child the same flash cards every day, telling them what item is on the flash card. Through repetition, the brain becomes stimulated and the children eventually remember what's on the card on their own. This type of brain training is what helps children learn. In order for them to grow, they need to have their brain stimulated.

Brain games are said to be just as effective for brain training in adults as the flash cards are for children. Unfortunately, with the busy lives we all lead, we don't always give our brains the stimulation and workout it needs to keep active. Many recent studies indicated that adults that took part in memory training games had improved cognitive skills and continued to have them for several years.

Brain training games are said to be effective at improving brain's functions in several ways.

• Increase your awareness.
• Make you more alert.
• Provide you with quicker and clearer thinking.
• Improve your level of concentration
• Elevate your mood.

Many of the new brain training games on the market only require the user use them for 10 or 15 minutes each day and they can still expect to start seeing some results. One theory behind this belief is also that although their memory may not be as improved as they believe it to be, their mental outlook is improved because of the new self confidence they feel about having a smarter brain. Regardless of the reason, users of brain games are definitely benefiting.

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