Tonsil Stones - Are You Aware of the Symptoms?

What is interesting is that there are no real symptoms of tonsil stones that can affect a person's daily routine. These stones can be very small and can do no damage and cause little if any pain Most often than not a person is not aware that he or she has tonsil stones in their throat already.

Larger tonsil stones may affect ones health and a person who has this may need to be aware of its symptoms in order for these stones to be removed immediately.

Let us take a sneak peek as to what tonsil stones are and what are its symptoms to know if you have to visit a dentist or a doctor.

Tonsil stones are small deposits of calcium, mucus, bacteria, and other substances that lodge in the areas of the tonsils Tonsil stones does not necessarily mean symptoms of poor hygiens, tooth ecay or damage since it is a natural occurence in the body. Oftentimes there are no symptoms of tonsil stones that apear because they are very small.

The mouth and throat contains many small areas and pockets in which these elements can lodge, even with the best of hygiene When things like these get stuck in these areas it may continue to build up until they become tonsil stones. When they form naturally in this way there may be no symptoms of tonsil stones When they get larger then there may be concerns that a patient will experience

Halitosis can cause tonsil stones due to the build up of bad bacteria around the tonsil. If the stones are larger the symptom would be discomfort in swallowing. This is when a person eats ands swallows saliva.

Symptoms of tonsil stones for severe cases include coughing, metallic taste in the mouth, or even choking. These are natural reactions the body has to something inside the throat

It's good to be familiar with these symptoms of tonsil stones because a person may ignore them when they can be easily removed with a quick dental visit Many people may think that they are going to have to undergo surgery that is why they avoid visiting a dentist altogether.

It is advisable to seek out your dentist right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. A quick exam can be performed to determine the cause and decide upoon the best course of action.

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