Silent and Deadly: Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

It’s difficult to watch television without seeing a random alarm system commercial conveying complete safety from invaders.Many times men and women are baffled to learn that they have hypertension when they have their annual physical exam.The symptoms of high blood pressure can mask themselves under a myriad of other illnesses and are no laughing matter.

Although there are quite a few things we can do to reduce the likelihood of developing symptoms of high blood pressure, there are other things that are out of our control.The heart is one of the most important muscles within the body and its task is to circulate blood.Too often we may find ourselves looking for the Advil to treat a stress headache, but the headache itself could be linked to high blood pressure.Heredity would appear to portray the most crucial part in the development of symptoms of high blood pressure.When we are out of breath easily, we might assume that we are out of shape, but this is also one of the symptoms of high blood pressure.Sporadic nosebleeds may seem to have no reason to occur if we don’t have allergies and have suffered no obvious injury to the nasal cavity.Gradual swelling of the hands and feet, abdominal pain and bloating, tiredness and reproductive problems have often been dismissed as having separate causes.

The symptoms of high blood pressure vary and it’s been said that men are repeatedly afflicted with hypertension, but this is not always the case.Fifty percent of the adult population having high blood pressure is female.These numbers prove that women are becoming more suseptable to the disease than before.Initial warning signs aren’t always easy to self diagnose which is important to remember.

High blood pressure doesn’t have to have a complicated cause and can merely be hereditary.Chances are if our parents have high blood pressure, we will likely develop symptoms of hypertension as well.The symptoms of high blood pressure not only affects the heart, but this affects the rest of our bodies - in a fatal way.The arties will harden over time, causing the blood pressure to skyrocket and if this spiral out of control, the kidneys will fail to produce urine and the brain will hemorrhage.

If we grin and bare annual visits to the doctor’s office it can help to prevent ongoing problems with high blood pressure.Even those of us who feel fine should make it a point to visit a doctor on a regular basis.Staying on top of our well-being is the best way to avoid paying the highest price.

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