Male Morning Sickness is Not a Myth

Do you believe in such a thing as male morning sickness? While a man may not experience the same bodily changes a woman does that will cause true morning sickness, this doesn't mean that they're necessarily immune to physical changes of their own!

There are scientific explanations for these; a man may share the same cravings of a pregnant woman for the same type of food. Uncontrolled eating and inactivity can cause weight gain. How about male morning sickness? Is that a myth?

A fetus being unable to handle the toxins that a woman ingests is a cause of morning sickness. She vomits to get these things out of her. Obviously male morning sickness would not have these same causes; his body is not trying to protect a developing fetus inside it!

Digestion can be caused due to lack og circulation. And many cases of male morning sickness may simply be attributed to the fact that he sees, hears or smells his partner vomiting which in turn causes his own nauseaA lot of male morning sickness scenarios are being caused by the fact that he is nausated by the sight, sound, or smell of his partner vomiting.

These emotions can also cause a disruption in the digestive system that ultimately results in male morning sickness.

Kidney stones may induce severe abdominal pain. Sensitivity to light can cause bout og migraine or headache for your partner.

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