Does Morning Sickness Begin in a Certain Stage of Pregnancy?

When a woman gets pregnant, she asks a lot of questions regardless if she’s been thru this situation before. Often even before she's expecting a woman will find herself asking questions about pregnancy in general. The common question among women especially those who have not gotten pregnant yet is when does morning sickness begin?

Connoted as an unlikely part of being pregnant, morning sickness is a natural reaction that serves a purpose. Because estrogen level elevates during pregnancy, this body reaction is a way to protect the fetus from toxins inside the mother’s body. Wondering when does morning sickness begin is good because then a woman can plan and prepare for how to deal with this situation.

Finding out when does morning sickness begins is only answered as a woman experiences it, although most common period is either on the first month or the sixth. Some women has to bear with the symptoms longer than others.

One reason it's difficult to pinpoint an exact answer to when does morning sickness begin is that the causes are different for most women. Some helpful hints include the study that morning sickness is the defense mechanism of the body to safeguard the fetus from harmful toxins which usually come from the food the mother eats. Morning sickness may also be triggered by the influx of estrogen which happens during pregnancy. When wondering when does morning sickness begin, it's impossible to determine exactly when and how a woman's body will respond to her pregnancy in this way.

Pregnant women are extremely sensitive to the smell of food that can make her crave for it and this is another possible lead on when does morning sickness begin. It should be blamed to the increase of estrogen. Nausea and throwing up may happen when she eat food only because of craving but her stomach is not used to it.

With all these reasons that morning sickness may attack, there is no way to identify the day it will begin. One thing that is important when considering the question of when does morning sickness begin is that it shouldn't be ignored. A woman needs to keep herself hydrated and fed properly, so it's important to replenish the fluids and food that are lost through vomiting. Regular visits to the doctor is also one of the best precaution for any complications that might arise during pregnancy or from terrible morning sickness.

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