Certain Foods Can Help In Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer prevention has become more effective in the recent past mainly because of the sincere efforts being put in by members of the scientific as well as medical communities. In fact, over the recent past a lot more has been learnt about the different causes as well as risk factors related to prostate cancer and this knowledge has led to better means of preventing prostate cancer.

Risk Factors

There are many different risk factors involved including the racial background of the patient, his or her family history of the disease as well age. These factors are unchangeable though other factors including weight and diet can be brought under control to aid in prostate cancer prevention. According to studies conducted in the recent past, men need to forswear consuming red meats as wells as foods with high fat content in order to prevent the disease from affecting them; in addition, they must also eat plenty of vegetables as well as fruits on a daily basis.

To succeed with prostate cancer prevention also requires, besides changing the diet, taking plenty of regular exercises so that you are able to maintain the recommended body weight. To help find out more about how best to succeed with prostate cancer prevention many more and larger studies are being undertaken; especially studies related to vitamin E and selenium as well as regarding drugs called 5-alph-reductase inhibitors that may help in prostate cancer prevention.

In any case, Lycopene has been found to be especially promising in being able to prevent this disease. Lycopene is found in guavas, tomatoes and red grapefruit as well as in watermelons and it contains powerful anti-oxidants that will protect your body from producing free radicals that would otherwise have damaged cells in your body and possible led to occurrence of prostate cancer.

According to studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School it has been found that there are 4 different foods that are able to help in prostate cancer prevention: tomato sauce; pizza along with tomato sauce; tomatoes as well as strawberries. By taking as many as ten plus servings of these foods you will stand to have a better than forty-five percent chance in succeeding in prostate cancer prevention.

It is in fact, prostate cancer research that holds the key to not only succeeding in prostate cancer prevention, but also in finding solutions to the problem after it has developed. Different studies are coming up with different solutions; it is also expected that further studies on the topic of Lycopene will show us how prostate cancer prevention can be made more effective and successful.

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